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Renegade Lightning Rebellion: Struck by Swiss Statues

When Brian Stark took a trip to Europe, he stumbled upon the town of Bern, Switzerland. Within the city square are four statues that inspired Stark.

The statues can be interpreted as aggressive; one is a child-eater statue, another is of Sampson ripping a lion’s mouth open, one of a gargoyle. But it was the fourth one that Stark took on as his identity. The statue is a man that looks like a lion. The man is dressed in armor taking on the identity as a soldier while there is a baby cub at its feet, holding a rifle. 

Stark began writing songs inspired by these statues and formed the group Renegade Lightning Rebellion. Based out of Chicago, the group identifies as being very European in style and uses the term “chamber rock.”

Stark associates the statues and the music with the "feeling of unrest and questioning your identity and trying to figure that out."

The songs performed in this interview are:

1.      The Captain’s Diaries

2.      Beautiful Toilet

3.      Swash[buckler] (official name to be determined!)

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