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Dead Horses: New Album Unintentionally Inspired by Steinbeck

Eleanor Peterson, WUWM


Singer-songwriter Sarah Vos came across a quotation recently that read:

“Modern-day society is the most well-fed and comfortable slaves of history.”

The quotation stayed with her. The quotation, along with her love for John Steinbeck’s works, subconsciously helped compose her band’s new album.

The Oshkosh band, Dead Horses, released their new album, Space and Time, at the beginning of October. The album was unintentionally inspired by Steinbeck, an author who wrote about the trials that Americans faced, many of which we still face today.

Dead Horses came to WUWM to speak with WUWM@Nite's Eleanor Peterson about their experiences and their message.

Songs used in this interview:

  1. To a God Unknown
  2. Lay Me Down
  3. Tops
  4. Glitterbug

Their new album, Space and Time, was released on October 14th and the band will be performing at the Miramar Theateron November 12th with Trout Steak Revival from Denver.

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