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Buffalo Gospel: Songs from the Wilderness


Buffalo Gospel’s Ryan Necci spoke with Trapper Schoepp about the impetus behind his latest album, We Can Be Horses, and his newfound songwriting perspective.

“I find inspiration in writing from animals’ points of views,” Necci said.  “Sometimes I lose interest in human interaction and writing about myself.” 

In his own dark times, Necci became inspired by the stubborn yet resilient nature of the buffalo - a spirit animal of sorts to him.

“My marriage was falling apart, I was doing more drinking than I should have been and the creative side of me was not where I was putting any energy,” he said.

Necci also discussed how Milwaukee’s Heidi Spencer helped pull him out of this creative rut and the lasting impression his father’s country record collection had on him.

Necci - along with Ryan Ogburn (mandolin, vocals) and Chris Porterfield (guitar, vocals) - performed the following:

1.       “Hill Outside My Home”

2.       “Mule”

3.       “Here Lies Our Lovin’”

Trapper Schoepp
Trapper Schoepp became Lake Effect's assistant producer in August 2019.