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Album of the Week: You and Your Lion by The Delta Routine


A bluesy, classic-rock sound is rolling out of the Midwest. With a sound that could fit into categories with bands like The White Stripes, The Black Keys and The Rolling Stones, Milwaukee-based band, The Delta Routine, is definitely on to something. With a style that borrows from so many genres and bands, the group makes sure that they can’t be put under any one category exclusively. Their sound is fresh, rough, charging, infectious and incredibly unique.

The band is comprised of members: Nick Amadeus (Lead Vocal/Guitar), Mike Hoffmann (Lead Guitar/Vocal), Evan Paydon (Bass/Vocal) and Kyle Ciske (Drum). The band’s fourth studio album, ‘You And Your Lion’, is set to release in less than a month on February 17th 2015. 

The Delta Routine

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There's no shortage of places to see The Delta Routine, who are set to be playing shows in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota the week of the release

Stay tuned in the coming weeks as The Delta Routine will be our in-studio guests. Not only will we sit down and talk to them about their new album, but they will also be doing live in-studio performances of tracks off of the project. We will also be playing the studio versions of four of their songs over the course of the week. You’ll be able to hear the bouncy, rhythmic guitar in the song ‘Gone Again’, the mellow, drum and harmonica fueled ode to the ‘Queen of New Jersey’, the deeply personal thoughts of homesickness on 'Home With You' and the booming vocals of  'On A Roll'. Stay tuned for for our The Delta Routine's in-studio performance and keep an eye out for 'You and Your Lion', dropping February 17th. 


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