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Album of the Week: The Great Escape


From Germany to the West Coast, The Great Escape bring a gritty, fun-loving vibe in their self-titled new album, “The Great Escape.” Featuring melancholy tracks like “Don’t Wake Me Up” and the raspy, powerful “Rebel,” their new album gives off a laid-back California vibe, the state where the trio currently lives. Drummer Kristian Lord, guitarist Malte Hagemeister, and singer Aimie Mariello strive to bring back that raw sound of pop/rock from the 60s and 70s.

The Great Escape's new self titled album features nine original tracks by the California based trio.

Originally from Germany, Lord and Hagemeister moved to the States in order to live the American dream. The trio met while writing songs for other artists, and decided to take a shot at being in the spotlight, rather than behind the scenes. They utilized their interest for classic rock in this new album, with inspiration from The Beatles, Janis Joplin, and The Rolling Stones while also acknowledging more current artists such as Adele, Jack White, and The Heavy Tunes. One of their tracks, “Secret Song,” even has a gospel feel while giving listeners a playful and sunny Venice vibe.

Take that West Coast paradise wherever you are when you listen to “The Great Escape.” Listen the band's song "Rebel" off their new album below: