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Ex Fabula: Season Six All Stars

Art Montes
A view of an Ex Fabula crowd.

It’s hard to believe that the end of Season 6 is already here. We’ve had an amazing season of ExFabula, many sold out Story Slams, a host of awesome Secret Fabula events and the opportunity to collaborate with some fantastic local businesses and organizations in our quest to build a stronger community through storytelling.

This week we’re taking a look back at the audience favorites of Season 6. On Wednesday, May 13th we’ll have all of these talented storytellers on one stage as they get down to the “Nitty Gritty” during the Season 6 Ex Fabula ALL STARS show at Turner Hall Ballroom.

Credit Art Montes
Aims McGuinness sharing a story.

Last month, Aims McGuinness took the audience favorite at the last regular Story Slam of the season, “Do the Math.” When living in France one summer, Aims found himself sharing a dormitory with members of the French Riot Police. As Aims began to notice his supply of Yoplait and Nutella dwindling at an alarming rate, he was forced to take drastic measures against this raucous group of “peace keepers.” However, when you are up against a group of men who crack skulls for a living, you must get creative and Aims is one creative fellow.

In March, Jen Hoepner took the crown after showering the audience with a lively tale of what not to do when you are working for the Peace Corps in a West African country.

Rick Carlson took our hearts along with "Audience Favorite" in February when he shared his “Degrees of Separation” story. Rick highlighted the degrees of separation a parent and child go through.

Finally, we have our first event winner of 2015. Alecia Alstaetter began her story with a very interesting analogy between Harry Potter and human morality. “Who Knew” Harry Potter was so deep? Alecia, who believes she’s more Slytherin than Gryffindor, shares a humorous example of how sometimes anger and brute force and exactly what’s needed to get a job done!

Ex Fabula may be done for the season but it will continue on WUWM every weekend throughout the summer. We hope you’ll listen often and find your own inspiration to get up on stage next season!

We Have the Stage. You Have the Story. Let’s Share.

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