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Ex Fabula: The Stories We Tell

Art Montes
Lisa Brown sharing a story on stage.

Films—local, national, international. Professional panels, audience discussions, premiere parties and pure talent. The 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival, or MFF, has brought the best of film to our beloved city. For the second year,ExFabula is proud to be a MFF community partner with a series of film shorts, called Shorts: Stories We Tell. We believe that we all have a story and this series of short films includes tales of a love affair with a dolphin; a fateful, life-changing camping trip and a special family photo. We are excited to be a part of these amazing stories and this week, we’re sharing true, personal stories from our own Ex Fabula stage.

Credit Art Montes
The Ex Fabula story hat.

There are the stories we tell others. When Lisa Erin Brown decided she wanted to follow her much-older, out-of-state boyfriend to his out-of-state college there was just one problem—her mother. Her mother expected Lisa to apply to as many colleges as possible, while Lisa only had eyes for one school and would tell whatever story necessary to make that happen.

There are also the stories we tell ourselves. The mantras we use to get through the day and the internal discussions that go on within. One stormy night, Krista Lanphier collided with a deer while on her drive home. Though the police officer commented on how lucky Krista was, she didn’t realize just what a close call she had had until assessing that damage the next day. What could have been a fatal accident has become the story she relies on to remind her to be grateful for her life, regardless of whatever trials and tribulations she may be experiencing.

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