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Ex Fabula: It Gets Better

Kat Schleicher
Brooke Maroldi sharing a story.

Wednesday evening was a typical frigid winter night in Milwaukee. Ex Fabula wants to thank everyone who braved the elements to come out and make our first StorySlam of 2016, a sold out success. We’re also very grateful to our January sponsor, the Cream City Foundation. Wednesday’s theme was “Belonging” and we heard many tales of what it is to belong and not belong. There was both humor and heartache laced throughout the stories. On the heels of the “Belonging” and for those who feel that they don’t belong, this weekend’s show features stories that will reassure you, “It Gets Better.”

Brooke Maroldi takes us back to 1978, where she was immersed in the punk music scene in New York. Life was awesome until her luck ran out. No job, no boyfriend, a large court fine looming over her head and living in her parents’ basement in Jersey, Brooke didn’t think things could get any worse - until she sped through four Stop signs on her way home from her court appearance. With very little wiggle room left on her license, she was certain that this violation would be the nail in her coffin. With the window rolled down and on the brink of an uncontrollable ugly cry, Brooke found reassurance in the most unexpected place.

Credit Kat Schleicher
Kat Schleicher
Jody Hirsh on stage

Jody Hirsh was 15 when he realized that he was gay. It was the early '60s, before Stonewall, before gay rights was even a whisper. A time when gay men were called “sissies” and cross-dressing was illegal. In this story, Jody takes us on a lovely journey through the history of his experience as a gay man during a time when gay awareness and acceptance did not exist. He also shares how his own self-acceptance has evolved over time and how important it is to have someone to talk to when you feel like you don’t belong.

We have a lot more Ex Fabula left in January. On January 25th, we’ll be holding our first Secret Fabula of the new year. This members-only event includes a tour of historic Turner Hall, a Scavenger Hunt, refreshments and true, personal stories about athletics to rock ‘n roll. Visit Ex Fabula's website for more information.

To close out January, join us on the 26th as Ex Fabula Fellows continue the conversation on race and privilege in Milwaukee through “The Welcoming Church: A Listening Session on Race in our Faith Communities” (A Zeidler Community Conversation). This event is free and open to the public. Advanced registration is required.

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