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Ex Fabula: Hot

Art Montes
Michael Heider shares a story.

Put your winter coat in storage – summer is here! Whether you embrace the warmth or crank up the AC and wait for fall, you got to admit that summer in Milwaukee is a particularly magical time... as well as a hot, sticky time. This week, we're exploring a few different takes on the theme of Hot with stories that take place in the summer.

First up is Michael Heider, who took the stage in March 2014 with this "Off the Hook" story about a sweaty coworker and an encounter with a national news anchor up in Fond du Lac. After a long day, Michael headed back to Milwaukee and discovered a unique way to avoid a speeding ticket. (Thanks Al Gore!)

Credit Art Montes
Bill Kingston up on stage.

The second story is a twist on the theme; in addition to literal heat, there is figurative heat: the hot seat, hot water and the heat, aka the police.

Back in June 1966, Bill Kingston found himself in a bar, just a few days short of 21, when he literally ran into a police officer. Oops! He shared this story at the November 2015 Slam when the theme was "My Life of Crime.”

Hopefully these stories help everyone get the dangerous ideas out of their system. Be safe this week – buckle up, don't speed and use a designated driver, please! And sometime prior to July 10, be sure to visit Ex Fabula's website, where you can help pick the themes for Ex Fabula's 8th season by casting your vote.

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