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Ex Fabula: Furry Felines

Ex Fabula
Storyteller Amie Losi

They’re furry, finicky, often fickle, and full of unconditional love.  If man’s best friend is the dog, then woman’s best friend could well be the cat.  Istanbul also has its share of cat-lovers, so much so that a documentary has been made about it: https://vimeo.com/152779982">Kedi (cat). That film is showing at the Milwaukee Film Festival beginning this weekend. So in the spirit of the “Meow,” we give you stories about cats.

Credit Ex Fabula
Storyteller Beth Janicek.

When Beth Janicek decided to adopt a cat she thought it would easy. Cats are simple, she thought: they sleep, play with yarn, and like to cuddle, right?  As she soon found out, though, cats are not as easy to live with as she once believed.  Beth takes us on a hilarious journey through pet parenthood, in “Piece of Cake”.

When Amie Losi decided to move from sunny, warm California to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin, she found comfort from a small friend: her cat. A long-time audience favorite ofEx Fabula, Amie talks about learning how to use a snow-shovel for the first time, staying true to her childhood dreams, and getting through love and loss with a fluffy feline on her lap.

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