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Ex Fabula: Spooky Spirits

Elizabeth Dawson
Storyetller Dan Neiderloh

It’s Halloween weekend in Milwaukee. Between the costumes, the scary movie marathons and a city full of events, Cream City knows how to do Halloween. This week we’re sharing stories from last November’s “Spirits” Secret Fabula hosted at Shaker’s Cigar Bar & Ghost Tour.

In the mid-80s, Dan Neiderloh found himself summering in Wales with his British girlfriend and her acting troupe. With limited options, the group found themselves staying in a 200-year-old Welsh hotel. With three stories and two wings, one renovated and one left untouched for over one hundred years, the troupe had plenty of room to explore; until cold drafts, slamming doors, nightmares and bumps in the night became more than just old British legend.

Credit Elizabeth Dawson
Storyteller Tzipporah Gillom.

When Tzipporah Gillom found herself making funeral arrangements for her beloved mother, like most of us, she was unprepared for the process. Overwhelmed by her grief, by her responsibilities and by her inability to mourn in peace, she sought refuge in the safety of her aunt’s apartment, where a single candle changed everything. Tune in to hear the moving story that might make you believe in spirits.

Don’t forget! Ex Fabula and Waukesha Reads will be presenting our “Loss of Innocence” StorySlam this Thursday, November 3. We hope to see you all there.

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