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Ex Fabula: Stories We Tell

Art Montes
Storyteller Daniel Lattimore

Can’t get enough of theMilwaukee Film Festival? Neither can we. We love film (and stories) so much that we’re an MFF Community Partner for “Shorts: Stories We Tell,” again! Like those you hear on the Ex Fabula stage and WUWM radio, the stories featured in "Stories We Tell" are funny, relatable, and thought-provoking.

This week we feature fun stories from early adulthood - the ones you relive with your old friends over dinner and drinks thinking, “Ah to be young again.”

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Dasha Kelly

Our first story comes from Dasha Kelly, who takes us back to her 23rd year. She was young, she was strong and she was living the dream. However, the dream cost more money than Dasha had. Listen in to her hilarious string of hustles, “Close Calls,” and what finally saved her.

Our second storyteller, Daniel Lattimore, took to the stage last season for our September 2015 “Come Clean” StorySlam. It wasn’t Daniel’s first time on a stage. When he was 19-years-old he decided he was the “next big thing” in stand up comedy. However, his youthful bravado was no match for the seasoned audience or the comics surrounding him. And with his mother in the audience, things went from bad-to-worse very quickly.

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