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Ex Fabula: Equal Access

Art Montes
Storyteller Jill Potkay

The Ex Fabula Mission is to “celebrate the power of true and personal stories to connect individuals through universal experiences. Stories build a neighborhood, stable neighborhoods connect communities, diverse communities strengthen a city.” We recognize that there is no community more diverse than the disability community, for disability knows no color, class, gender, religion or sexuality. With that, we are very excited for our next Equal Access Storytelling Workshop happening on October 13 and can’t wait for the stories that come next.

First though, there’s nothing riskier than taking to the Ex Fabula stage for the first time. So this week we’re featuring stories from our “Risking It” StorySlam with our first story coming from one of our Equal Access Workshop volunteers, Jill Potkay.

Jill lives in a secured building with a locked lobby. When she fell asleep on her couch one night she never expected to wake the next morning finding her house completely untouched. However, after realizing that her phone and her iPad we not simply misplaced, she came to an eerie conclusion. Tune in to hear Jill’s humorous tale of a frightening event and what she learned about “Risking It.”

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Linda Stewart

Our second story also comes from our September event. As part of being inclusive and accommodating to people with disabilities, we’ve utilized the Terkel (interview) Style for those with memory loss. Linda Stewart also lives with memory loss and shared this with us as before she shared an engrossing account of Electroconvulsive Therapy to treat depression. Listen in to her beautiful and vivid account and learn if the results were worth the experience.

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