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Baker Genevieve Ko Creates Truly Fun-Sized Halloween Candy For Adults


Tonight many of us face this difficult decision. Do we give away all the fun-sized Halloween candy, or...


Do we squirrel away some of it for ourselves?

SHAPIRO: I vote squirrel.

CORNISH: Ditto on squirrel, so that's two. Though I got to say, we do not have to settle for those little fun-size candies tonight, Ari. Baker Genevieve Ko wants us to dream big.

GENEVIEVE KO: Giant candy bars - like, beyond giant - like, humongous, humongous candy bars.

CORNISH: On the food site Epicurious, Ko has simple tricks for making Halloween treats that are really fun-sized.

KO: And 10 inches is good.

CORNISH: That's the size of her peanut butter cup - quality chocolate melted, half of it poured into a 10-inch fluted tart pan and a filling made from dry-roasted peanuts, confectioner's sugar and a little peanut butter. Pour the rest of the chocolate over it. Cool, and serve like a pie.

SHAPIRO: And if you don't like peanut butter, here's another big option.

KO: Making your own huge Twix bar is actually really simple because all you really have to do is bake a shortbread cookie, pat dough into a pan and bake it. And then you're just going to coat it with a caramel that you make on the stove top and let that set. And once you get it out of the pan, you coat the whole thing with chocolate.

SHAPIRO: More like a Twix candy log than a candy bar and no pesky wrappers.

CORNISH: And no need to squirrel away the other Halloween candy, right?

KO: Well, I have to confess. You know, at the end of the night, if there are some of my favorites left, I do in fact have at least one or two or more (laughter).

CORNISH: That's Genevieve Ko, author of the cookbook "Better Baking."


BOW WOW WOW: (Singing) I want candy. I want candy. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.