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Watch Caroline Spence Perform 'All The Beds I've Made' Live For Folk Alley

Peace. It's a powerful word and a powerful idea. When you find it — if you're lucky enough to find it — you, understandably, never want to let it go.

In her quietly hopeful love song, "All The Beds I've Made," Nashville-based songwriter Caroline Spence sings about feeling a little bewildered, a little wary and very grateful to have, quite unexpectedly, discovered total peace in a romantic relationship.

Think about it: What if you didn't have to worry about what would happen next? What if you didn't have that feeling in the pit of your stomach, the one you've tried to ignore, the one that tells you that the relationship isn't right? What if, instead, things just ... fit? This feeling, Spence sings with a little disbelief, is like a gift she never dared to hope for.

As she sings, Spence's calm face and gentle, matter-of-fact delivery belie the song's implicit sense of fearfulness about whether things will work out in the long run. In spite of that fear, though, her heartfelt words and earnest voice demonstrate an almost painful eagerness to believe that this love will work out.

Spence stopped by to record a few songs during this year's 30A Songwriters Festival in Florida. You'll find "All The Beds I've Made" on her gorgeous new album, Spades And Roses.

Set List

  • "All The Beds I've Made"
  • Watch Caroline Spence's full Folk Alley Session from the 30A Songwriters Festival at FolkAlley.com.

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