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Ex Fabula: Memorial Day Milwaukee

Kathrine Schleicher
Storyteller Andy Parmann

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer in Milwaukee. Some of us will pack the cars and head up north, while others will head to Bradford Beach to christen the volleyball nets, and some will head south to the first “Fest” of the season. On Monday, flags will be flown at half-staff in yards across the nation in memory of those who lost their lives serving their country. So this week, we have two stories: one about getting out of town, and one about getting out alive.

Andy Parmann took the Ex Fabula stage in February, for our “Water” StorySlam, sharing a humorous story of river rafting shenanigans which turned into a life-lesson. When Andy and 30 friends take their yearly camping adventure all the way to Colorado, they arrive at their rafting destination, only to find a sign warning low river levels. Full of beer and Carpe Diem, the group persisted. Listen to join the adventure.

Credit Kat Schleicher
Storyteller Bud Dombrow.

Our next story takes us back to March of 2011, where Bud Dombrow shared a harrowing story of survival at our “Emergency” StorySlam. “War stories are important. They remind us,” Bud begins. He takes us back to 1967 Vietnam when a routine “search and destroy” mission turned into an emergency evacuation. On this Memorial Day Weekend, this story is not to be missed:

On May 31 our Fellows are taking the conversation to Bay View, which is currently experiencing a lot of growth and change, making it the perfect time to reflect on our past, present and future. Let’s move the conversation from online message boards and come together to discuss the kind of community that we want to foster. Join us for "Creating a Welcoming Community in Bay View".

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