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Moses Sumney, Live In Concert: Newport Folk 2018

Moses Sumney performing at the 2018 Newport Folk Festival
Moses Sumney performing at the 2018 Newport Folk Festival

The Newport Folk Festival's nearly 60-year history is permeated with gospel music; though Moses Sumney uses loop pedals and an electric guitar to animate his work, his voice flows deeply in tune with a spirit and conviction that's recognizably tied to that tradition.

Before producing his 2017 album Aromanticism, about living a life without love, Sumney posited a notion to The Fader: "Do I need to go to a doctor, or write an album?" You can hear that self-prescription, his explorations of doubt and loneliness, in this set from the past weekend, as he stood alone on a stage along the harbor of Newport, a powerful reminder of how music heals.


  • "Quarrel"
  • "Man On The Moon"
  • "Doomed"
  • "Dont Bother Calling"
  • "Indulge Me"
  • "Seeds"
  • "Plastic"
  • "I Heard Love is Blind" (Amy Winehouse)
  • "Rank and File"
  • Advisory: The set contains explicit language


    Technical Director:Josh Rogosin; Production Assistant: Téa Mottolese ; Recorded & Mixed by Steve Remote ; Mix Engineer: Steve Kolakowsky ; Audio Engineer:Matthew Morgan; Media Wrangler: Ken McGee; Location Recording facilities Provided by Aura-Sonic, Ltd. Producer: Suraya Mohamed; Photography: Adam Kissick.

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