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Bucks Season Is Over, But Fans See Positives For Team And City

Chuck Quirmbach
Thousands gathered in the plaza outside the Fiserv Forum, to watch Saturday night's game on video monitors.

The Milwaukee Bucks season is over. The Bucks lost to the Toronto Raptors 100-94 Saturday night, in Toronto, in Game 6 of the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. Toronto won the series 4-2, and will face the defending champion Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, beginning Thursday.

Despite the Bucks' loss, some in the crowd of thousands watching the game on video monitors outside Fiserv Forum in downtown Milwaukee saw positives for the city, and the Bucks' chances in the years ahead.

Tony Sellers said the Bucks' playoff run over the last six weeks brought many people together.  Sellers, an African American, noted the diversity of Saturday night's crowd.

"Young and old. Black and white. There ain't no racism, just everybody getting along, having a good time.  They need to do more of this. Not just the game. Everything. Do this all year round. Have something to do around here.  You know what I'm saying?  Bring everybody together," Sellers said.

Roxanne Ramsey also said the community togetherness is a positive. She also says she thinks the Bucks can be "much better" next year.  "Because, this is a learning sensation for them right now. They can look back at the mistakes they made, and be a better team," Ramsey said.

Bucks fan Daron Tate said the team’s winning season and victories in playoff series against Detroit and Boston had a positive economic impact. "A lot of businesses I know, a lot of guys sell tee-shirts. A lot of food vendor people I know, sold a lot of food."

Tate said the Bucks "overachieved," surprising a lot of basketball experts.  He said winning teams like the Bucks attract good players in free agency. 

"I believe other players say, 'Hey, I see how you all lost. I can fit in here.'  Good guys will come fit in the system," Tate predicted.

As the Bucks continue to search for the right lineup to win their first NBA title since 1971.

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