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Hayley Kiyoko Works Magic With New Song And Video 'I Wish'

Forget Christmas in July. Hayley Kiyoko has gifted her followers with an early Halloween treat we didn't know we needed. After teasing new music online, Kiyoko has dropped her latest single "I Wish" along with a self-directed music video.

With a school uniform-clad Kiyoko behind the wheel,"I Wish" transcends the land of chalkboards and hopscotch to a higher, magical realm — as in, a literal attic where actual, beautiful witchery occurs.

Kiyoko's latest bop is simultaneously energetic and dreamy, combative and yearning. "We butt heads / You don't pay me no attention / And you're selfish with your affection," Kiyoko complains bitterly to a quick, heavy beat in the opening verse. But on the refrain, she slips into a sound of longing, climbing a lightly vocoded octave to a more vulnerable space: "I wish, I wish, I wish I found love," she sings twice. "'Cause I wake up in the morning-time, and there's nobody here by my side."

The song's accompanying visuals double down on the lyrics' nuances with a plot that's equal parts female friendship, supernatural fun and subtle tragedy. It's Kiyoko's Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets The Craft meets Sabrina the Teenage Witch — all set in a dusty, candlelit attic with old-school plaid skirts and jumpers to match.

The video stars Maia Mitchell, Madison Pettis, Ana Osorio and Tamika Miller alongside Kiyoko. In the lead-up to the music, this tight-knit group of friends vow to help Kiyoko get over an ex who's been coldly ignoring her. "Wash away bliss, forget her kiss; she'll never miss, grant this wish," they chant in a circle. "I wish, I wish, I wish," Kiyoko finishes. She swallows the magic potion her friend has procured, and sets off the track. For the rest of the video, the schoolgirls' exorcism of a past love involves Kiyoko's tightest dance choreo to date, her footwork and dancers' contortions alternately sped up and put in slow-motion to fit the scene's eeriness.

"I Wish" follows 2018's Expectations, Kiyoko's debut album.Last month, the 28-year-old pop star hailed as "Lesbian Jesus" by her fans also appeared in Taylor Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" video. Kiyoko has yet to announce the release date for her next project but for now, dare I say — Happy Hayleyween, folks!

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