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LA Radio DJ Nic Harcourt On 5 Recent Local Music Discoveries

Freedom Fry
Nicole & Mike Spencer
Courtesy of the artist
Freedom Fry

You might not be able to pack your bag, get on an airplane and jet off to some new exciting place right now, but don't worry, you can still travel and explore here with World Cafe Sense of Place. In this series, we take you deep into one city's music scene, and today, we're kicking off our sessions from Los Angeles, with more to come every Friday in May.

We start with a bit of an overview from someone who really knows what he's talking about. Nic Harcourt is a legendary name in LA radio. He hosted Morning Becomes Eclecticon KCRW for many years, and now he's a host at our affiliate station, 88.5 KCSN/KSBR.

We recently connected with Nic via video chat to find out what's going on right now, the new LA bands you need to be listening to: Freedom Fry, The Buttertones, Los Abandoned, Pure Protein and Brad Byrd. Hear songs from each of them at the top of the playlist below, which also features artists and songs you'll be hearing in the coming weeks.

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Raina Douris, an award-winning radio personality from Toronto, Ontario, comes to World Cafe from the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), where she was host and writer for the daily live, national morning program Mornings on CBC Music. She was also involved with Canada's highest music honors: hosting the Polaris Music Prize Gala from 2017 to 2019, as well as serving on the jury for both that award and the Juno Awards. Douris has also served as guest host and interviewer for various CBC Music and CBC Radio programs, and red carpet host and interviewer for the Juno Awards and Canadian Country Music Association Awards, as well as a panelist for such renowned CBC programs as Metro Morning, q and CBC News.
Nic Harcourt