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A Special WUWM News SeriesThe Milwaukee River allowed commerce and industry to thrive during the city's formative years and provided recreation. However, disregard for the river's health led to decades of decay.WUWM News explores recent developments to rejuvenate the Milwaukee River and their success at drawing people back to the city's historic arterial.

DNR Expands Drinking Water Advisory in Jackson

More Town of Jackson residents are being told, not to drink their well water, because it's contaminated with benzene.

Last July, a gas pipeline ruptured, with the fuel seeping into the earth and groundwater. Ever since, the owner, West Shore Pipeline Company has taken water samples from both inside and outside the spill zone. The DNR then analyzes them and warns residents if theirs is tainted.

The agency has now expanded its Drinking Water Health Advisory west, to include:

-  homes in the Crosswind Farms subdivision

-  homes along Western Avenue between the entrance to Crosswind Trail subdivision and Maple Road, Crosswind Trail, Crosswind Circle and Golden Harvest Lane.

Still included in the advisory are homes on:

- Mill Road between Maple and Division Road/County Highway G

- Western Avenue between Maple Road and Division Road/County Highway G

- Division Road between Western Avenue and Mill Road

- Maple Road between Western Avenue and Sherman Road

- Sherman Road from Maple Road to one-half mile east of Maple Road

- Wildflower Lane

- Mockingbird Drive

- Hummingbird Drive

Residents in the affected neighborhoods should use bottled water or water from a safe source for drinking, cooking and preparing food.