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Protesters Plan to Watch Wolf Hunters in Northern Wisconsin

A group calling itself the Great Lakes Wolf Patrol will head into the woods along with hunters Wednesday, as Wisconsin's third wolf hunt begins.

The protesters released a written statement saying they have set up a camp on public land and will observe the methods wolf hunters use, but not interfere in their pursuit of wolves.

The DNR responded to the group's plans by stating that members can legally watch hunters on public land, but cannot interfere with their activities.

If hunters feel harassed, the DNR says they should contact the agency. If they feel threatened, they should summon police.

This hunt is Wisconsin's third annual, since the federal government removed the gray wolf from the endangered list.

Some critics of the wolf hunt oppose the use of dogs to pursue and trap wolves, insisting violent confrontations might result. Others fear the numbers of wolves could again fall to concerning levels.

Supporters of the hunt insist wolves pose a danger to livestock and other animals, so an appropriate balance must be maintained. 

Wisconsin's wolf hunt will end on either February 28 or when hunters kill 150 of the species.

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