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Driving The Future: How Smart Can A Smart Car Be?

An artist's impression of the future of the automobile.
Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images
An artist's impression of the future of the automobile.

Car owners form special relationships with their vehicles — they give them names, customize them and get to know their intricacies and quirks. But what if the car could do the same for the driver?

That’s what Yui is for. Yui is Toyota’s artificially intelligent assistant — sort of like Toyota’s version of Alexa or Siri, but wired into a car. Yui talks to you while you’re behind the wheel. It measures emotional responses to routes and even suggests where to go or what to do once you get into the car. “A demo video of Yui from Toyota envisions a man forming a 20-year bond with his own Yui assistant, with the AI knowing about his family, interests and personality very deeply,” reports TechCrunch.

Sound like the distant future? Maybe not. It’s already being demonstrated.


Zack Hicks, CIO of Toyota Motor North America and CEO of Toyota Connected

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