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Milwaukee Still Striving to Become Global Water Hub

The Water Council

The idea that Milwaukee could someday become the hub for the world’s freshwater technology innovations has been talked about enough that it seems that it’s a long-held belief by community leaders.

The truth is, the concerted effort toward that end is less than a decade old.  While several names are associated with it, the water hub is most closely linked with Rich Meeusen, the CEO of Milwaukee-based Badger Meter.

Meeusen and his work are the subject of an in-depth feature in the February issue of Milwaukee Magazine.  Reporter Rich Rovito says some of this water talk has come to fruition, but much remains hydrologic hype.

"I think the consensus, when you talk to other folks around North America, is that they don’t see Milwaukee as being the global hub, that there are numerous hubs doing similar things and I think the message I got is that they should all be working together," he says.