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Report Dissects Menomonee Valley Success & Identifies Ways to Replicate


The turnaround in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley has been hailed by many as an example of what’s possible for once-blighted areas. 

Bookended by Miller Park and the Harley-Davidson Museum, where decaying factories once stood, today the Valley is home to new businesses, a park, a multi-use trail and a casino. 

The Public Policy Forums' Redevelopment in Milwaukee's Menomonee Valley: What Worked and Why? report makes an effort to quantify what went right with the valley and what lessons could be applied to other areas in Milwaukee.

"There are much broader lessons that may have resonance for several other major redevelopment projects in this community ranging from Century City to the Inner Harbor, to other brownfield type sites," Joe Peterangelo says. He is a senior researcher with the Public Policy Forum and the lead author of the report.

The report was commissioned by the group Menomonee Valley Partners, which is available to the public today. 

Audrey Nowakowski hosts and produces Lake Effect. She joined WUWM in 2014.