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Alan Parsons Tours With Greatest Hits

The Alan Parsons Project
Songwriter, musician and manager Eric Woolfson, and engineer/producer Alan Parsons

It’s not uncommon for a successful rock musician to launch a second act as a record producer, putting to use the things he or she learned in the business. But by the time Alan Parsons found popularity with songs such as “I Wouldn’t Want to Be Like You” and “Eye in the Sky,” he had already built a reputation.

Parsons worked first as a recording engineer for groups such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Hollies. He then worked as a producer with credits ranging from Al Stewart to Ambrosia, founded by Milwaukeean Joe Puerta.

But if you’re not a connoisseur of liner notes, you probably know Parsons best for the music he recorded with the Alan Parsons Project. The Project included progressive rock songs made by Parsons and musician and manager Eric Woolfson.

Together they have released ten concept albums between 1976 – 1987 and have sold over 50 million albums world-wide. Many of these will be played in a show at Milwaukee’s Pabst Theater Thursday night as a part of The Parsons Project tour.  Ahead of that show, Alan Parsons discussed his career and what led him to live on an organic avocado ranch in California: