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How a Humble Invention Could Change the Face of American Soccer

Futpong is a new recreational sport that combines soccer and tennis.

On the heels of a dramatic championship performance by the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team, a Madison man is hoping to score big with a new spin on the game.  It’s also a spin on another sport. 

Kurt Bjurlin is one of the inventors of Futpong – a game that he envisions could change the face of American soccer.  But first, the product has to reach market. 

Born at a Madison block party during the 2014 World Cup fever, Futpong is a one-on-one foot skills game that is a mash-up of soccer and tennis, played on the sidewalk. Requiring very little equipment and taking up a small amount of space, Futpong is easily accessible.

Bjurlin believes that by creating a casual soccer, of futpong, culture in neighborhoods, soccer skills in children and adults will increase.

"Ultimately, the thought logic here for us is American kids gets more touches to the soccer ball over the course of their lives, American players at the pro level are more technically skilled, and then the U.S. Men's National team wins the World Cup," says Bjurlin.

Bjurlin has been trying to build momentum for the game at events around the state, including one later this month at the Cesar Chavez street festival on Saturday, August 29th in Milwaukee.