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Milwaukee Business Helps Tween Girls Achieve Their Entrepreneurial Dreams

The Milwaukee based business Fashion Angels helps young girls create their own businesses.

When you were around the age of ten, your business experience was probably limited to delivering papers or running a summer lemonade stand. Even if you had a sound business idea, there probably wasn’t much support available to help you realize it. But for young girls all over the country things have changed, thanks to a Milwaukee company calledFashion Angels.

Milwaukee native Goldi Miller and her sister, Myra, joined forces almost 20 years ago and Fashion Angels was born. Today their business continues to grow, helping tween girls become entrepreneurs.

Fashion Angels' v.p. of marketing Chris Dresselhuys explains that less than 45% of women believe they are capable of starting and running a business, which he and his co-workers find unacceptable.

Fashion Angels seeks to increase that percentage by empowering young girls with business and life experiences that can boost their personal confidence and professional capabilities at a young age.

"When she turns 23, 24 and wants to open a business of her own and the world tries to tell her, 'oh no you can't do that.' She can look back and say, 'What do you mean I ran a jewelry business when I was 11!'," Dresselhuys says.

The company's business starter kits provides business cards, receipts, invoices, spreadsheets and product making tools  "Hopefully through successful execution of those maker activities we inspire her to think, 'Well if I can do that, what else can I do?'," he says.