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Fit For You: Primal Movement

As you get older, you might notice your flexibility decreasing and injuries increasing. Long gone are the days of effortlessly swinging on the jungle gym, at least without warming up first.

One fitness clinic in Brookfield, Momentum Movement, works to teach, train and heal what they say are the natural, primal movements our bodies crave.

"We kind of want to reconnect people with their childhood and what they were doing as a child," owner Lisa McNeil says. "If you watch a child move, it is the purest form of movement. And we want to try and get people back to that because that is really the basis of where we all began." 

In addition to getting bodies back to their natural movement, the clinic provides alternatives to traditional healthcare by incorporating functional fitness training, massage, physical therapy and wellness coaching.

McNeil created the first multi-provider clinic in Wisconsin after working in separate physical disciplines for years. She wanted to be able to offer services to her clients through trusted and known clinicians without having to refer them out to different facilities. By creating a clinic focused on "function, not injury," McNeil stresses the high collaboration of the clinical and physical aspects of movement.

"We really don't want (people) here any longer than they have to be here," says McNeil. "We want them here because they want to be here, and that's what we see. They come in, they get better and they stay because they like the environment and they like what we're doing and they like how they're feeling."

Audrey is a producer, host and reporter for Lake Effect. She is involved with every aspect of the show — from conducting interviews, editing audio, posting web stories and mixing the show together.