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'Born for This': Encouraging Words for Those Seeking a Midlife Career Change

How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do

Nearly all of us in the workforce have likely, at one time or another, paused to ask ourselves: is this job really what I want to do with my life? Writer ChrisGuillebeau thinks it’s a question that’s important to ask.

Guillebeau’s latest book, Born for This, leads readers to consider figuring out what their dream job actually is and what it could take to get there.

"First of all recognize that you're not alone," he says. "Its good that you're discontented or dissatisfied because plenty of people are in that place."

Guillebeau is a world traveler who has spent years talking with people who are still in the process of finding what their lifelong career choice will be. He says change is good, its okay to say no and do something else.

"Successful people make changes, they give up on things they keep working toward that ultimate dream job career lottery," Guillebeau adds.