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Writing About Life in Milwaukee From A Millennial Perspective


The term millennial is thrown around so frequently that many may not know who is and isn't a millennial. It's used pretty generally to mean a young person, and it doesn't really have a strict definition, which has been confusing for some. 

"Because it has that word 'millennial,' 'millennium,' in it, [people] kind of just think everybody who started working post-2000, and that it kind of goes on forever and that everyone in the future will be a millennial," says Olivia Barrow, a reporter for the Milwaukee Business Journal

Her new column, “The Millennial Mind,” explores topics from the perspective of a millennial, defined as people born between the early 1980s and 2000. She’s hoping the weekly column will provide advice for other millennials as well as companies who are trying to learn more about this highly sought after demographic.

"It's all gonna be advice from millennials to other millennials and to their employers," she says. "It's just showing this is who we actually are, there's been a lot of stuff said about us and it may apply to some outliers, but in general this is who we are and maybe this is why we get the reputation that we have. It's being misinterpreted from these desires that we have." 

Joy is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.