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Ex Fabula: Father's Day

Art Montes
Emcees Leah Delaney and Dasha Kelly read UltraShorts at the February 2016 Fatherhood event.

Everyone spends Father’s Day differently. Whether you’re celebrating by barbequing with your wonderful dad or optimistically wondering if you’ll ever meet him, it can be an emotional day. This week, we are sharing stories about dads from fathers, sons, mothers and daughters – many in the form of UltraShorts, which are brief personal stories written by audience members at Ex Fabula events. Some are goofy and others are more serious; each story is as different as the father who inspired it.

Credit Art Montes
Storyteller Dave Hendrickson

Our feature story is from our “Lost in Translation” StorySlam in May 2012. Dave Hendrickson shared a story about trying to connect with his emotionally distant father. Dave wanted to win his father’s approval despite their very different feelings about hunting, masculinity, and the Jackie Gleason dancers. In the end, they connected despite their differences.

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