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Adrian+Meredith Weaves Harmony with Untraditional Topics

The sound of Adrian+Meredith can be described as an inspired "mash-up."

The guitar strums and vocal harmonies of Adrian Krygowski and his wife and musical partner Meredith draw on influences ranging from punk to jazz to the country music that surrounds them in Nashville, their current home.

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Andrian Meredith's latest alblum, "More Than A Little," is available November 4th, 2016.

Adrian, the band's singer and songwriter, is a Wisconsin native – he grew up in Stevens Point and graduated from UW-Stout. Meredith is from Michigan. The pair says that their dating and musical collaboration didn't occur in the common order.

"When we finally did make the decision to start playing shows together and start touring together, we had been dating for almost two years already," says Meredith. "A lot of people play music together and start dating after that."

Their music lyrics are also unique. "I stay away from love songs usually. I try to find almost any other topic other than the traditional topics," says Adrian.

While the rest of their band was sleeping in, the pair came in to share a few songs, including Birthday Cakes, Take a Boat and Fixer:

Adrian+Meredith perform "Birthday Cakes."

Adrian+Meredith perform "Take A Boat."

Adrian+Meredith perform "Fixer."

Their brand-new album is called More Than a Little. They're playing a concert at The Frequency in Madison on Thursday night.

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