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Time & The Mystery: Jeannie and Jim Gaffigan

Mike Mangione

Milwaukee-area musician Mike Mangione's podcast, called Time & The Mystery, is described as a series of artist-to-artist conversations with musicians, actors, comedians and others about the philosophy behind what they do - and how they connect with their audience.

Magione joins Lake Effect for the first segment in our new monthly series to highlight some of his conversations.

This month, we spotlight his chat with comedian Jim Gaffigan and his wife and collaborator, Jeannie Gaffigan, as they prepare for Jim's annual holiday season residency at the Pabst Theater.

Jeannie is an actor and a Milwaukee-native, who was a part of the city's theater community before deciding she needed a change of pace.  "I think that what really, sort of, was a big eye-opener for me was that I needed to leave Milwaukee," she says. "I think that there's a lot of great local actors here that have been in it for a long time, but I saw how there was a lot of imported directors and imported actors from other places. And I felt like sometimes, you need to get out of your home town." 

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