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Essay: A Place Where Water Sparkles


In honor of International Water Day, essayist Eric Hansen offers this meditation on water. 

We know we are fortunate to spend our days here, in a land we know as Wisconsin -- a place where water sparkles -- and is well worth caring for. Where gurgling streams and wave-washed shores sooth our lives.

Where the bubbling springs of the Moraine Country -- and the timeless flow of the Mukwonago River -- brighten our Sunday afternoons. Where a canoe trip to Horicon Marsh -- or the Wolf River is a nearby treat.

To our north -- our Spiritual Homeland -- the magnificent headwaters country of our planet’s finest collection of fresh water.

May our thoughts and words in the days to come have the liquid flowing grace of that sweet water.

Sometimes a deep, still pool -- Sometimes a sparkling cascade or a thundering waterfall -- Each drop precious in itself -- and an offering to the greater good.

And if the Spirits of this place ask if we are worthy of that grace - the answer shall be yes.

Yes -- if we act wisely. Yes -- if we remember that most lasting of joys: the sounds of our community’s children -- and their children -- as they see the magical sights that we have known.

For thousands of years -- ever since the Great Ice melted -- the pristine waters of this place have nurtured and inspired.

May it be so for another ten thousand years.