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Ex Fabula: Celebrating Dad

Art Montes
Storyteller Kevin McGee

Here we are, trip around the sun and back to celebrate Dad. He’s taught you how to ride a bike, cast a fishing pole, do long division, and appreciate Motown. He encouraged your dreams, told you when you were out of line and showed you how to apologize with integrity. He tells corny jokes, brags about your accomplishments and advises you on this adulating thing. He’s your Dad.

This weekend we salute all the #1 Dads out there, as well as all the men who’ve stepped up to be Dad when one wasn’t around. So like his jokes, we’ve got some funny stories for you to listen to while Dad unwraps that awesome tie you bought him, again.

Ever notice how Dad jokes and bad jokes sound a lot alike? Something tells us that Kevin McGee may be the proud raconteur of the former and takes pleasure in the meeting of the two. In our first story from this March’s “TMI” StorySlam, Kevin shares a humorous tale about parenthood and the specifics of bathing toddlers.

When Kevin’s young son became tired of splashing on the tub floor he began examining his father’s very adult body, comparing it to his own child body. What ensued earned said toddler the title, “favorite child” for some time after.

Credit Katherine Schleischer
Storyteller Ruby Brooks

Ruby Brooks had the best Daddy in the whole wide world. Just ask her, she’ll tell you all about him, like she told our audience back in 2012. But before she told us about him, she led us through a short, joyful séance to ask his permission. Why was Ruby D’s Daddy the best in the world? You’ll have to listen to find out.  

Listen to Kevin and Ruby's stories here: 

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