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Wines To Compliment Your Thanksgiving Table

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Wine is a common drink at many tables during the holidays. Ray Fister offers some recommendations for wines to pair with Turkey and how to keep you from getting drunk (no promises!).

For many of us, Thanksgiving Day starts in the early morning and can go until late at night. It’s a holiday often marked by excess: lots of family, lots of food, and for some, lots of booze.

Ray Fister knows a thing or two about that last part. He's the driving force behind Life Between the Vines and one of the hosts of its podcast. He offers us some recommendations for wines to pair with, what else, turkey.

He also offers this piece of advice for the holiday imbibers out there: "If you don’t want to get yourself real buzzed, drink a lot of water while you’re drinking any alcohol because it’s going to keep you from getting drunk," he says. "Water, water, water, water."

Thanks, Ray!

Ray Fister is the co-creator and voice of the wine blog and podcast Life Between the Vines. Fister is also the owner and engineer of 5th Floor Recording Company. He has 30 years experience in professional recording, including 21 years working in the Milwaukee market.
Joy is a WUWM host and producer for Lake Effect.