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As Milwaukee County's Population Is Aging, So Are Its Senior Centers

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Wisconsin's population is aging and the demands on the area's senior centers are increasing, as well. That is presenting a challenge for many areas of the state, particularly Milwaukee County, because just as the population is aging, so are the senior center facilities. 

A report by the Wisconsin Policy Forum, titled "Young at Heart: Exploring the Future of Senior Centers in Milwaukee County," looks at the condition of these deteriorating centers and considers a variety of options to remedy the situation. 

Sue Moeser is a researcher with the Forum, and Rob Henken is the organization's president, and they joined Lake Effect in studio to talk about the report. Henken explains why it makes sense for the county to offer senior services, in general. 

"When you think of what it costs for institutional care, there’s a real imperative to make sure that the county is offering the types of services that do help people remain independent in the community," he says. 

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