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Thousands of Protesters Plan to Return to the Capitol

The state Assembly approved Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill early Friday morning. It contains a provision that would strip public employees of most collective bargaining rights and has been the subject of massive protests at the capitol in the past ten days. UW-Madison student Lance Janssen says the debate isn't over because the state Senate still has to vote. He plans to return to the capitol in the next few days."The longer and longer this goes, the better it works for our cause and so I think this debate is great. This is people giving their input on what's actually going on. Putting a bill through that's 144 pages in less than a week seems pretty ridiculous. People can ridicule the state Senators all they want. I am so glad they are standing up for what we believe in and what we need for this state," Janssen says.

Democrats in the Senate fled Wisconsin for Illinois last week in order to delay a vote on the bill. Republicans are still waiting for their return. Tens of thousands of people are expected to continue protesting at the capitol Friday and through the weekend.