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Another Day of Singing and Arrests at State Capitol

Despite police warnings and arrests on Wednesday, dozens of protesters gathered at the Wisconsin Capitol on Thursday, and officers issued another batch of citations.

On Wednesday, the Walker administration started enforcing rules it enacted at the Capitol to maintain order. The rules initially required groups of more than three to obtain a permit in order to demonstrate. A few weeks ago, a federal judge upped the number to 20, at least until a court considers the matter in January.

A small group of demonstrators has maintained a presence in the Capitol rotunda, ever since massive protests flooded the building and grounds in early 2011, most objecting to Act 10. It weakened of public union rights.

Police arrested nearly two dozen demonstrators who refused to disperse on Wednesday and gave them $200 tickets for not having a permit.

Today, officers escorted another 20 or so people who were singing, down to the booking room. Most of the songs criticize Gov. Walker and fellow Republicans.

Observers say on this second day of the crackdown, more protesters showed up - and sang louder, as people were arrested. Many also brought cameras.

Demonstrators insist they have the right assembly and speech. The administration says it's responsible for maintaining decorum in the Capitol.