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Capitol Protesters: "We're Not Going Away"

Protesters gathered again Monday in the Capitol rotunda, even though police continue to arrest and fine demonstrators, for rallying without a permit.

Officers handcuffed nearly 20 protesters Monday, bringing the total number arrested to 140, since Capitol police began enforcing Walker administration rules for demonstrations. It approved rules, requiring three or more people to obtain a permit to rally in the building.

A few weeks ago, a federal judge said 20 or more people is more reasonable - at least for the time being, while the courts sort out the legality of the rules. The ACLU is suing to halt them, insisting they violate free speech rights and the right to assemble.

The Walker administration says it must maintain order in the Capitol.

Protesters began the daily, noontime sing-alongs, following massive protests in Madison in early 2011 against cuts in public union rights. The chants generally criticize Gov. Walker, Monday featuring the words, "we're not going away."

Last week, a pro-Walker group obtained a permit and rallied in the  rotunda, forcing the regular protesters outdoors.