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Design of Wisconsin Ballots Goes to Court Wednesday

While Wisconsin hustles to enact its Voter ID law for the November election, two Republican leaders want the ballots changed.

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald are suing. They say the new ballot design will confuse voters and help Democratic candidates.

There is no longer a line or shading separating the name of the office from the Democrat running, but there are lines separating the candidates.

Democrats are listed first this year, because of the results of last election.

A court hearing on the legislators' complaint is set for Wednesday.

Governor Walker says he won’t get involved.

“From our standpoint, we’ll leave that up to others. Our goal is to just to make sure that as many people vote, as possible, that we get the message out. We’d love to have a big turnout,” Walker said.

The state Government Accountability Board redesigned the ballot. Executive Director Kevin Kennedy says the agency followed state law.

“The fact that somebody would attribute any partisan motivation to the staff of the GAB is where I would use the term that it’s absurd,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy says there are often complaints about ballots, usually from candidates.

On Thursday, he told local elections clerks to send out their absentee ballots.