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Right-to-Work Becomes Law in Wisconsin

Mike De Sisti / The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Gov. Scott Walker was surrounded by Republican backers of the right-to-work bill as he signed it into law on Monday.

Walker held the bill signing event at Badger Meter in Brown Deer. The head of the company recently spoke in favor of right-to-work and said without it, he would send jobs out of the country.

Right-to-work prevents private sector workers from being compelled to join unions or pay union dues as a condition of employment. The Republican-controlled Legislature rushed the bill through the Capitol in the last couple of weeks, with proponents saying right-to-work would be good for business.

Opponents say the law will weaken unions and leave workers unable to fight for good wages, benefits and work rules.

Wisconsin is the twenty-fifth state to adopt right-to-work.

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