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Milwaukee Sees Record Numbers Of COVID-19 Testing At Three Designated Sites

Scott Olson
Members of the Wisconsin National Guard operate a mobile COVID-19 test center on the grounds of Miller Park on Oct. 29 in Milwaukee.

Coronavirus cases are exploding across Wisconsin. Local leaders gave an update Tuesday about what’s going on here. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says a record number of people were tested Monday for the virus.

“If you look [Monday] at Miller Park, we tested 2,805 people. On the northwest side, we tested 586 people. On the south side, we tested 528 people. So, the city of Milwaukee total for one day, with our resources, is close to 4,000,” Barrett says.

Barrett says the testing facility at Miller Park continues to exceed its capacity of 2,000 tests per day. 

Another person on the media call was Milwaukee County Emergency Medical Services Director Dr. Ben Weston. He talked about Pfizer’s announcement that the vaccine it’s developing is 90% effective in studies. Weston calls the news promising. But he says “accelerating trends” in coronavirus cases will continue for a while.

“This won’t go on for years, but it will without a doubt go on for months. It’s an unusual year. It’s a sad year, but we can get through it, and we’ll all get through it," Weston says.

Weston urges residents to be vigilant: wear a mask, wash your hands and practice social distancing.

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