Beats Me: What Questions Do You Have For WUWM's Beat Reporters?

Oct 2, 2017

Environment. Education. These are the huge topics WUWM's beat reporters tackle every day. These issues are so big, it can be hard to decide what to dig into and where to begin.

So, we are opening up the reporting process to you - our listeners, our community. We want to tap into your curiosity to produce community-driven stories.

Much like what we do for our series Bubbler Talk - where we answer YOUR questions about the Milwaukee area, our new series, Beats Me, will answer YOUR questions about how education, the environment and race impacts life here.

Put your thinking cap on and submit your questions.

Susan Bence's Environmental Reporting

The environmental beat is massive -  from covering threats to air and water, to sharing scientific research, to uncovering the individuals and groups working to create sustainable communities.

Although I have reported on a variety of stories, I continue to think 'I need to dig deeper.' So, I'm turning to you to help make that happen.

Wisconsinites, what have you been wondering about when it comes the environment? Questions about conservation? Climate change? You ask and I'll report.


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Education Reporting

There’s a lot to know about our schools - from the systems at large down to individual students. WUWM's job is to take you into classrooms, introduce you to the people involved and explain the complicated stuff.

No matter how education touches your life - whether you're a parent, student, teacher or just interested in better understanding how learning happens - we want your ideas to help shape the stories we cover.

What do YOU want to know about education in southeastern Wisconsin? Let's learn together.


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Race & Ethnicity Reporting

Race impacts so much. It’s not just the headlines and the statistics, it is a thing that is constantly shaping us - our work, our health, our relationships, our spirituality, our identity… It’s hard to make sense of it all.

WUWM works to highlight injustice, meet the people working to make things better, and help Milwaukee have difficult conversations.

In order to do that, we need to know what’s on your mind.


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