Birds Of Chicago Previews New Album 'Love In Wartime'

Apr 4, 2018

They’re called Birds of Chicago, but there’s a lot of geography in the group led by Allison Russell and JT Nero. Russell is a Montreal native, the couple lives in Nashville, and they are honorary Milwaukeeans - JT’s family lives here and they spend plenty of time in the area. 

The group is dropping a new album this spring called Love in Wartime. They say it has a feeling of spontaneity, since it was recorded live in an environment where the band members could see each other while playing. Nero says it "rocks a little bit harder."

Russell explains that live performances are an important part of their artistic expression. "For us, playing shows and connecting with our band mates musically and intuitively and with the audience, it's a shared experience that we crave on a spiritual reaffirming, our calm in humanity kind of level," she says. 

Birds of Chicago will perform at The Back Room at Colectivo on Friday, April 6.