Life's Voices: Muhibb Dyer Works to Inspire Youth to Live Their Best Lives

Dec 28, 2017

Every year at this time, we bring you stories of people in the Milwaukee area who are working to improve the community. In today’s installment of Life’s Voices, we hear from Muhibb Dyer.

The Milwaukee native is one of the founders of both the I Will Not Die Young Young Campaign, and Flood the Hood with Dreams. Both are designed to inspire inner city youth.

Dyer says the programs were started, in part, in an effort to stop the senseless deaths of African American youth. He remembers the programs' founders being troubled by how many obituary t-shirts they saw people wearing. Dyer says he's kept the t-shirt that bears a photo of his godson. He uses it when speaking to young people, and tells the audience to look into his godson's eyes.

Dyer shared his story with Marquette University student Rachel Kubik as part of a series on grassroots leaders in Milwaukee.