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Demonstrators Block Freeway Lanes on I-43 in Milwaukee, 74 People Arrested

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Protesters calling for justice for Dontre Hamilton and other black men killed by police blocked traffic late Friday on I-43 in Milwaukee. Police arrested 73 adults and one minor.This latest protest comes, as Milwaukee continues to wait for District Attorney John Chisholm to decide whether to file criminal charges against former MPD Officer Christopher Manney. He shot Dontre Hamilton, an unarmed, mentally-ill black man, 14 times in Red Arrow Park downtown, killing him. 

Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn fired Manney for not following protocol, that led to the fatal shooting.

Before Friday evening's march started at Red Arrow Park, Hamilton’s brother, Nate Hamilton asked the DA not to announce his decision before Christmas.

“I want to be in good spirits with my kids for Christmas. I don’t want to have to bear that type of decision before Christmas nor my mom. We got this far being strong and I just don’t think…it’s kind of like going back to day one when this decision comes out. Back to hearing he got shot 14 times. We don’t want to go back to that place before Christmas. We just want to kind of get through the holidays, enjoy our loved ones and enjoy our community and deal with this after,” Hamilton said.

The DA has said he would announce a decision before the end of the year. 

Updates from social media (newest to oldest):

As of this tweet, the number of people arrested had not been confirmed:

Twitter user, @Superbranch, live tweeting his (or her) arrest:

Video of the protesters on I-43:

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

#ICantSleep appears on Twitter, in reference to the fact Hamilton had been sleeping in Red Arrow Park when approached by the officer:

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