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Monday on Lake Effect: Revealing Past Nazi Crimes, Drone Technology, Downsizing, Firehouse Bats

Monday on Lake Effect:

Today on the show, thousands and thousands of Nazi killings during the Holocaust are only just now coming to light – thanks to the efforts of a Catholic priest from France, who spoke in Milwaukee recently.  Later, drones are back in the news after a remote strike killed two western hostages held by Al-Qaeda.  We’ll learn about a magazine devoted to drone technology, published here in Wisconsin.  Also, a Wisconsin woman works to help make downsizing a loved one’s home an easier experience.  And a former Milwaukee baseball player sees his handmade bat company growing by doubles and triples.



  • Fr. Patrick Debois, Yahad-In Unum
  • Tim Kidwell, drone360 (magazine)
  • Anne Neafie, Golden Transitions
  • Buddy Herberg, Firehouse Bats