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Friday on Lake Effect: JCC Response to Bomb Threats, Milwaukee's Political Clout, Bubbler Talk

Friday on Lake Effect:

The head of the local Jewish Community Center talks about his organization’s response to the disruption of four bomb threats. Then a Wisconsin writer explains the decline of the city of Milwaukee’s political clout at a state level. Master Lock gets ready to move into a new corporate headquarter space in Oak Creek, Bubbler Talk examines how the city’s neighborhoods got their names, and a Riverwest group finds a way to combine support for artists with Milwaukeeans’ love for grilled cheese.


  • Mark Shapiro, President and CEO of the Harry and Rose Samson Family Jewish Community Center
  • Joe Potente, writer
  • Mike Bauer, Master Lock president
  • Bubbler Talk
  • Meagan Schultz, essayist
  • Elaina Johann, Rachel Hausmann, Kayle Karbowski, & Jasmine McMasters, After School Special

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